Thursday, September 21, 2006


Monday I had my 4 month dr. appt. Nothing eventful, I refused the blood test to screen for Downs. Somehow, I feel best not knowing, condemning this unborn for something I struggle to see as a disease. All Downs children I have know have had their challenges (don't we all), but they were all somehow, so angelic. Forever innocent, which really, is a blessing of a kind. Anyway, enough philosophy, I refused the test.

Dr looked for 5 minutes until we heard the heartbeat, both of us were getting nervous I think. Josie sat so still while he was looking (she was sitting on the bed next to me). Finally he found it and when he did OH BOY! It was loud! He actually turned the Doppler down, you could hear the thump, thump, over the static. Josie was just amazed, listening. Dr said that he normally doesn't hear heartbeats that loud and clear in babies this small.

Sometime during the week of October 16th I will have the ultrasound, we will check for babies health, and we will (hopefully) find out the sex! That is if no. 2 is not being shy.

We are sowing wheat, Josie is missing Luke. He has to kiss her goodbye in the morning before he leaves or there is major drama. She gets upset when he forgets. Hopefully we will be done soon, there is some rain holding us up, I have my fingers crossed that the end of next week we'll be done.

That's really all the news on us, I'm trying hard not to shop for the new baby, until I know what we're having. Everyone is saying it's a boy, I guess we'll see!