Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harvest 2007 cont....

Luke driving the combine...

Deer crossing the road by Webber's.

Storm rolling in from the west on Webber's.

Harvest 2007

As most of you know, this year was a blessing, wheat was much better than recent years. Josie loved riding in the combine, and Marie, well, she screamed a lot. Mostly because she hates her car seat. Luckily that seems to be passing. Here are some photos, though I can't take credit for them all. The man we hired to drive grain cart took some really beautiful shots so I thought I'd share them with all of you!

Beautiful Josie....

Daddy and Marie...

Happy girl on the grass at Steve's one night after I brought dinner out to the guys.

Old sprinkler just north of Dutton's.

The old red truck...

Updates, because I'm a slacker.... July pics of the girls

Wow, can you believe the summer is half over already? We're finished with harvest, and both girls are growing like crazy. Josie is awsome, really learning her letters right now, and into writing things down. Marie is teething, found her feet, and changing daily. They're both a ton of fun!

Napping in style, GO RAMS!

Marie is now on rice cereal, and finally starting to "chub" out a bit. She definately loves to eat, though that probably runs in the family!

Watching movies in Mom & Dad's room.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rain, and then some more rain.

The angle highway...
7 mile road, just north west of Linhart's. This field sits about 4 feet lower than the road does, to give you an idea of how deep that water is.
I'm not completely sure where this is...
Dutton ground, Luke had a terrible time with this wash when we harvested off that field a few days ago. There was about a foot of debrie laying on top of the wheat on the edges of where the "crick" was.
Railroad tracks by Amherst, washed out underneath.
Smith ground, up by Amherst.

Catching up

Sitting up now! Marie is a huge fan of sitting (and standing) these days. She still needs supported, but she's getting really mobile. She can easily roll tummy to back, and from back to tummy.
Father's Day 2007- Josie and Marie in their "TEAM DADDY" shirts. They have pink and blue waves and say "Dad's Surfer Girl" underneath.

What can you say about that.... I think she looks like Luke here, right before he gets mean and starts teasing me about things. She's definately thinking...
Standing up!
Playing with their toy of the moment, the lego baby train. Marie is doing her "army crawl" which is actually pretty effective in getting her around. She can scoot about two feet like that before she's worn out.