Saturday, April 28, 2007

More new photos

Since Marie seems to be changing day by day, I though you would all appriciate an update! Marie can smile now, and does, a lot. She's a pretty happy girl, until she gets tired, then the screaming begins. I've been using a Peanut-Shell baby sling and it's been a lifesaver so far. About 5 minuets after being in her "shell" she is generally out cold.

Josie is doing great, completely potty trained. She loves her sister, and is a huge helper. She really likes playing with Marie (reading to her, pretending to put her down for naps etc) but Marie is not always the most cooperative. Josie can write her name now, and she can regonize letters A, B, C, JOSIE (of course), T, M, & N. She also is a huge talker and recently has been overheard saying the following: "Can we have a piscetti pickmick?" "Bikini bread (zucchini bread)" "Under and lightening" I think that's all of her recent cute sayings. I list them here so that I don't forget.

Josie has also taken to referring to herself in the third person almost all the time, which is sort of interesting. She'll come running in and say "Mom, Josie wants some chocolate milk". Definately one of her cuter phases.

Marie was babtised on Easter, here is a photo of us with her God-Parents, Stacey (Luke's sister) & Glendon

Marie's cake

Out cold. Marie was having a real problem staying asleep on her back at night, so with her dr's permission we've started putting her down on her tummy. She's now a champion sleeper and generally goes about 5 hours a stretch at night, which is awsome!

The girls....

Me, Josie, & Marie in her beloved Peanut-Shell. As you can see the sling is basically just a pouch, no buckles or straps, and she fits right in. She really seems to like it in there, expecially since it's so close to her favorite thing, being held.

Almost a smile...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

New pictures!!!

Marie in her Easter dress, we babtised her on Easter Sunday but sadly I forgot my camera so I'll don't have any photos to post on that yet. As soon as I have some I'll put them up here. It was really a beautiful service.

Marie getting huge and holding her head up much better. Josie adores her, which is not to say she's not jealous at times, but she seems to take it out on Luke and I rather than her sister. Marie has started smiling and of course they melt your heart. It's amazing how fast tiny babies change, I had forgotten.

Two sleepy girls....

This photo cracks me up, click on it to enlarge, Marie is staring up at Luke. She's really seeming to see more now, making eye contact and following things. Her eyes have also started to lighten up a bit from that generic baby navy blue. I think they'll be similar to Josie's.