Thursday, October 05, 2006

A few more pics...

These last few photos wouldn't fit in my last post, so, here they are.

A cute one of Luke and Josie, she's really becoming Daddy's girl, and I think he likes that!

For those of you who've asked, here's my belly. Not terribly big by any stretch (yet...) but my jeans are getting tight. I was 18 weeks on Saturday, Sept 30, so nearly halfway there!!!

Update on the family

At long last, here are some long overdue photos. Good one's though...

Josie washing the pickup with Daddy, she was so serious doing this! She helped him for nearly an hour, washing the hubcaps, and bottom of the pickup.

This is Josie's very first morning of Sunday school, all ready to go! She started nursery class a little early because I'm teaching kindergarten and Luke was planting wheat so we talked with the church and she got to start early. She loves it! She was so proud of herself! But, of course, she wouldn't let me get a good picture!