Friday, September 28, 2007

Things Josie said that made me smile this week...

"Lets stop and think about this" I told her it was bath time, apparently she was prepared to negotiate.

"Its a long long drive to my Grandma's house" heard repeatedly every time we get in the car, despite the fact that we have not been nor are we planning to go to Grandma's house.

"Marie smells, she smells a lot".

"Why do you nurse Marie ALL the time?"

And last night, totally made my day: "Thanks Mom for the food you made us". Schlachter sausage & mac-n-cheese makes everybody happy.

Friday, September 21, 2007


This is a pretty recent video, I took this Wednesday morning. She's really getting big, she loves being on her tummy. I think we'll have a crawler soon, she's almost better at rolling/scooting on the floor than she is sitting!

Josie the photographer....

Josie had the camera the other day and had a ton of fun taking some "shots". It's sort of fun to see the world from her viewpoint.

Ready for her closeup....

Silly face...

Video of Marie from end of August

Bigger and bigger....

Our girls are getting bigger and bigger all the time. It's amazing how fast the time goes! Some fun phrases heard this week from Josie: I need a popcicle to warm me up. Upon seeing a picture of a skeleton "That person has no skin, I have skin. I have lots and lots of healthy skin". "My tummy tells me that it's time for lunch".

She's starting to get the hang of sitting up, still not there but getting closer!

This is like one of those hidden image pictures, can you find the baby?

She's posing... still cute though.

Marie is getting better at scooting in her walker all the time. She get's very proud of herself!

"Look Mom, I'm doing it!!!!"


Do you think she likes it?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

More pics

Josie on the merry-go-round at Chase County Fair. She had a blast, lots of rides and way to much cotton candy. She's into this goofy smile phase too, hence that oddball smile in the pic :)

Playing together...

Josie hamming it up and modeling a bracelet my sister Marika made for her.

Marie sporting her bracelet... and her CSU t-shirt. Sadly, they let us down yesterday loosing to the dirty hippies down in Boulder...

Hanging out (one of the few photos where I actually caught Marie smiling).

August pics....

Saturday morning cartoons...

Marie's first taste of "real" food. She has been eating cereal (rice or oatmeal) for awhile, so we stepped it up and added some baby food. She's doing great. First she tried squash, since then we've done sweet potatos, peaches, green beans, carrots, pears, and applesauce.

A diva...

One day, just for fun, Josie and I made a princess cake. It was a chocolate chip cake with purple frosting, pink and purple sprinkles and chocolate chips. It was so sweet it made you sick, but, it looked good and we had fun making it!

Josie "reads" to Marie a lot. This is a pretty common occurance, although sometimes Marie grabs the pages and Josie gets mad.