Monday, January 15, 2007

Some really good artwork

The other morning Josie was drawing on her magnadoodle and I had to take pictures, she was doing some really good faces.

This one actually has pupils in it's eyes if you look close enough!
This one is me she says. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

And finally, because she's such a goofball, here's a great one of her idea of a "really good" outfit. Poor kid got my knock-knees though. She loves that rose, we won it at the carnival at a fair last summer, so it's really cheaply made. I don't think it was meant to be played with as much as it is, but she drags it around with her quite a bit. I just realized how old this pic is though. She's come a long way since November. For those that don't know, Josie is completely potty trained now!!! No more diapers, only big girl panties! We're really proud, but I think she's proudest of herself and her accomplishment!

Belly pic update

Ahhh, the belly. Getting bigger!

Sorry this one's blurry, I'm thinking we need a new camera. This pic, and the other in the red shirt are from a month ago, so about 28 weeks.

Almost exactly a month later, the belly at 32 weeks. Not much bigger I notice now, but if you look low where my hands are you can see it. I feel huge. Baby is doing great, very active. More so than Josie was for sure. This one kicks like crazy, and certain activities will actually wake it up and set if off (namely getting up at night to use the restroom, I dread it because it takes forever to fall back to sleep with No 2 kicking like crazy). Currently I'm measuring a week to two weeks big, but since Josie was 8 lbs 6 oz they're predicting this is just a large baby. I'm up to Dr appointments ever two weeks, and my next is Wednesday the 17. Currently I'm 33 weeks along, so that means we only have 7 weeks to go! I can't believe it's getting so close. March 3 is definitely creeping up on me. Luckily it's scaring me enough to get my butt into gear and start getting things ready.

Christmas cont...

Christmas Day we went to Luke's sister & her husbands new house, it is beautiful! We had a nice visit there with Luke's mom, and then came back the next day.
For Judy, because there aren't many pictures of you guys: Sorry it's not the best, but it's not too bad ;)

And Josie and Uncle Glendon checking out one of the movies she got (I love their two heads peeking over the couch):


We spent Christmas Eve at home, having a "lunch" with Josie's Great-Grandma & Grandpa and Papa Steve. We exchanged gifts and had a great time. Papa Steve totally spoiled Josie with this ridiculously nice princess dress up set and she LOVES it! She's a diva, I know.

Luke and I also got her a tricycle, which she had been asking for about a month- 2months before Christmas. She loves it, but with the cold & snow she hasn't had a chance to ride it outside much yet. It's a good thing we have hardwood floors so that she can cruise a little in the house.

And, of course, another year gone by without me getting a decent picture of her in her Christmas dress (red velvet jumper & black turtleneck this year for those of you who care about details). I know, but blame it on my "pregnancy retardation". Luke's been using that excuse a lot lately!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Snowstorm pictures

As you know, before Christmas we got hammered with a pretty good snowstorm here. We actually really enjoyed the time to relax & just stay home. That and Josie loved the snow. Here are a few photos of our beginning attempts at "digging out".

This is our "sled" that Josie loves, I took a pool floatie and tied a rope around it to drage her around. That's us summiting a 4 foot drift in the middle of the lawn.

This is my favorite picture of the snow, her cheeks matched her coat & pants, and she was just smiling away.

Here's Luke shovelling the front walk, somewhere under that drift by the wall of the house is our air conditioning unit, totally covered.

The amount of snow around her playset tells you how high it was, I think we got about 20" but the wind blew so badly it all drifted. I couldn't get her inside, she wanted to stay out and play, too bad it was only about 15 degrees at the time.