Monday, January 08, 2007

Snowstorm pictures

As you know, before Christmas we got hammered with a pretty good snowstorm here. We actually really enjoyed the time to relax & just stay home. That and Josie loved the snow. Here are a few photos of our beginning attempts at "digging out".

This is our "sled" that Josie loves, I took a pool floatie and tied a rope around it to drage her around. That's us summiting a 4 foot drift in the middle of the lawn.

This is my favorite picture of the snow, her cheeks matched her coat & pants, and she was just smiling away.

Here's Luke shovelling the front walk, somewhere under that drift by the wall of the house is our air conditioning unit, totally covered.

The amount of snow around her playset tells you how high it was, I think we got about 20" but the wind blew so badly it all drifted. I couldn't get her inside, she wanted to stay out and play, too bad it was only about 15 degrees at the time.

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