Monday, January 15, 2007


We spent Christmas Eve at home, having a "lunch" with Josie's Great-Grandma & Grandpa and Papa Steve. We exchanged gifts and had a great time. Papa Steve totally spoiled Josie with this ridiculously nice princess dress up set and she LOVES it! She's a diva, I know.

Luke and I also got her a tricycle, which she had been asking for about a month- 2months before Christmas. She loves it, but with the cold & snow she hasn't had a chance to ride it outside much yet. It's a good thing we have hardwood floors so that she can cruise a little in the house.

And, of course, another year gone by without me getting a decent picture of her in her Christmas dress (red velvet jumper & black turtleneck this year for those of you who care about details). I know, but blame it on my "pregnancy retardation". Luke's been using that excuse a lot lately!

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