Sunday, July 14, 2013

Three and Four.

This cracks me up.  On so many levels.

There's Sarah, thrilled.  Eva... not so much.  Sarah: impulsively charging ahead.  Eva: suggesting perhaps we stop and think this through.  And Daddy was right there.  They were on a giant inflatable turtle in two feet of lake water.  Cannot stop laughing at this.

Sarah is impulsive, ruled by feelings.  She's a needer.  She needs cuddled, read to.  She needs ice water, and help washing her hands, and putting on her undies, and a million other things she could do on her own but refuses to.  Sometimes I loose my patience with that.  Her neediness.  Other times I eat it up because out of the girls she's the only one always up for a cuddle.

She's naughty as heck.  She'll tell you, "now Mama, here's da troof..." and  I know she's about to lie to me.  She tattles and sasses and tries to act cool.  She tells me I'm mean and bad.  We've been reading a lot of Llama Llama Mad at Mama.  She's way into princesses, and pink, purple, and turquoise.  She loves Browned Butter Spaghetti and s'mores.  She dislikes picking up any toy, ever.  Even if it means I'll throw it away or hide it on top of the fridge she just. won't. do. it.  Everrrr.  She also would like to dye her hair pink.

Eva is not impulsive.  Everything is weighed and calculated.  If Sarah is 40% forethought 60% action Eva is the opposite.  She asks you "hand, hand".  She needs your assistance walking down the hallway.  She takes 8 minuets to scoot down the basement stairs.  She doesn't like high places.  She fake cries like nobodies business.  She looks and acts so stinkin' much like Marie its heart stopping sometimes.  And I prayed that she look like her, so that we can tell her all about her sister and tell her you look just like her.  To connect them, to give her something to cling to with this larger than life sister who lives with Jesus.  Marie like a fairy tale to them.  God took me pretty seriously.  I got my prayer answered, twinsies.

Eva loves giving kisses, and Daddy, and "tack-tors" (tracktors), and her Cabbage Patch baby, and her blankets, and her papi (pacifier).  She does not love the dog.  He is supposed to stay far away always.  If he gets to close she'll let him have it yelling "dit, dit" at the top of her lungs.

The crazy part is that now, with these third and fourth girls, I know they're going to be totally different people a month from now.  Maybe Eva gets brave, maybe Sarah slows down.  Maybe not...

Either way I love this picture, and the moment captured that shows exactly who they are, now. 


Cindy said...

Sweet picture. And I love your description of it.

Clarissa said...

Love how each child is their own self, yet often have the same qualities. I am glad God answered your prayer to have a baby look like Marie, isn't that so cool to be able to see how God cares, just by looking at Eva every day??!