Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Here are some photos from harvest, it seems like we didn't take very many this year, but it was busy. Josie rode in the grain cart with me and really liked it (thank goodness for our portable DVD player though). She also took some turns riding in the combine with Daddy & Papa Steve for breaks from me. Everytime she was on the road with Luke in the combine she fell asleep which was pretty funny.

The flies were horrible in the fields, & one night Josie kept saying "I bite flies, I bite flies" when the flies bit her. It was too cute. She would point to her shoulder & say "I bite fly right here". I felt horrible for her, but luckily we were in the tractor & away from the flies for the most part.

Because spring was so dry & we got rain late in June it was a little crazy this year because Luke was actually planting millet while Steve was one field over harvesting wheat. Luckily Luke finished up about 2 days into harvest though.

Josie enjoying a chocolate chip cookie after lunch one day...
Luke planting millet-
Josie all set to go for a ride with Luke while he was planting millet.

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