Thursday, August 31, 2006

Photo update

Here are some recent photos of Josie, this one taken at Grandma Judy's house, of course, hamming for the camera.

This picture is finally a nice on, but still a bit of a funny face. I like the colors though...

Take that Tinkerbell! Josie all dressed up wearing her new favorites, green converse sneakers. She got them when we went shopping a few weeks ago and hasn't taken them off much since!

Josie is obsessed with winter at this point. She is very impatiently waiting for the snow. I made her a new hat/scarf for winter this year and she's really excited about them. She also really liked the yarn, sort of a thick chenille. And of course, it's purple!

One of the few and elusive photos of Josie and I together. We were snuggling and Luke caught this one. Every time a see a photo of Josie and I together I'm struck by how different our coloring is. I'm hoping that maybe this next kid looks a little like me and not a carbon copy of Luke!

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Jennifer said...

Josie is getting so big and I am so glad that you are able to share these photos. Nice job on the hat and scarf, too.

Miss you!