Thursday, June 28, 2007


Somehow all of June flew by without my really noticing. We've been busy running here and there. Marie is growing by leaps and bounds, she's sitting up now (assisted) and can hold her head up on her own. It's amazing how quickly they develope, her hand/eye coordination is really taking off now.

Josie's doing great, getting smarter all the time. She blows me away with the words she sometimes uses, the other day she told me she was not angry "just frusterated". She also went to the dr this week for a fever she'd been running for a few days, and while she was fine, we did learn that she's grown almost 2 inches since February. That puts her at 39" tall, and 31 lbs (still a skinny minny).

Here's Marie in her bumbo, being a big girl.

Josie loves their matching dresses, which comes as a suprise to me. But, whatever... she's full of suprises.
Marie, as always, in her sling. We celebrated Great-Grandma's 80th and she spent the majority of her weekend this way. She's still in the sling a few hours a day every day. I don't know what we'll do when she outgrows the "cuddle" position.
Josie being all grown up. Her cousin's Jilson and Jerica played with her all weekend, and she adores them. She had such a blast she's still talking about everything they did while they were here.

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