Friday, August 24, 2007

Josie "ism's" and more....

I haven't written to update on the girls stats much, so I thought I'd steal the time to do that today. This is partly so that I have things written down and when I look back I can remember. Summer is winding up for us here, Luke finished cutting millet yesterday so they'll start picking that up in a few days. I can't believe the summer is nearly over, it really flew by!

Josie is amazing. She really blows me away. Her grasp of things is continually evolving, and she understands things above what I think that she does. She also really thinks about things and it makes for some pretty funny statements from her at times. I have been told recently:

"Don't yell at me or you'll get in trouble with my Daddy." Apparently he is the White Knight. I was not aware of this, but I guess it is so. And here I thought he was the stricter disciplinarian out of the two of us....

"You try being the Josie, it's not easy Mommy!" Told to me when she was in trouble for not listening.

"I'm too tired to take a nap."

"We went to the doctor, and our baby just popped out." *sigh* if only it were actually so easy...

More and more often I also hear the phrase "When I was little..." She is getting so big! She also will watch a toy commercial and say "I wish I could have that" which is new. Before she didn't seem to notice, now she knows that we can go and get things that she sees on TV. Hooray.

Marie is doing great, eating cereal like a champ. She actually was going through 2 4oz feedings a day and nursing before and after so about 2 weeks ago (she was 5.5 months) I started including a little baby food with the cereal just to give her a bit more. She is so hungry all the time I'm having a hard time keeping up! So far, she's done squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, and apple sauce. She hasn't had any of it straight, I've been mixing it with cereal, but so far I haven't seen her having any trouble. She also doesn't seem quite as ravenous now, which is a good thing.

Josie's stats:
Fave toy- Bunny (still)
Fave color- purple (still)
Fave TV show- Dragon Tails
Fave Food- ice cream or German pancake
Fave Song- "Mother" by Danzig (totally blows me away)
Fave Book- Fancy Nancy

Marie's Stats:
Fave toy- whatever is soft and nearby
Fave color- green (because Josie asks me all the time what her favorite color is, so I keep telling her that's what it is)
Fave TV show- n/a
Food- so far she's liked the applesauce best
Fave Song- anything playing. She likes to be danced around with though.
Fave Book- whatever Josie is reading, so, it's probably Fancy Nancy.

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