Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Green fields...

Wheat across the road from the farm.

Grandma's Field. If you look in the low spot you can see the wheat is a little lighter here. There's still a bit of water in that lagoon.

Filling the semi with last years binned wheat, hauling to Scouler.

Daddy's co-pilot. Josie rode with Daddy this morning, was thrilled and says she want's to go again after gymnastics this afternoon (they hand out dum-dums at the elevator). She is also really annoyed that she needs to wait until wheat harvest to ride in the combine. Can't we just take that out for pleasure cruises whenever we want to?

My co-pilot. Marie was in her sling this morning.

Filling the grain cart while the semi's gone. When Luke gets back from the elevator they then dump that onto the semi and it's half loaded. They just use the auger to fill the other half of the truck. Apparently this is much faster!

Another picture of the grain cart and big bins. The auger on that grain cart is huge (this is the one they got last year for those in the know)! It is amazing how fast it unloads!

Random favorites from the last few weeks.

Luke was testing the stations of the lawns sprinkler system and accidentally got the girls. I must have snapped a picture just as the water surprised Marie!

An updated of sorts in no particular order:
  • Marie got her hair cut by Annie again. We re-discovered that she has baby curls, they are adorable.
  • Josie showed her belly button to a boy, she is not shy.
  • Marie is now sleeping in her crib (!!!). We took the side rail off and put it right next to my side of the bed so she's still right next to me. Aside from one very looong night she's doing great!
  • I am now a huge fan of diapers.com. Their delivery is amazingly fast.
  • I am incredibly excited to get our very own Nap Nanny!!! It should be arriving next week:) The company is great to work with and I'm excited at all the uses for this. Fellow families of low tone/special needs kiddos, check it out! This is the coolest thing!
  • Marie has an appointment with her neurologist next week, hopefully it goes well. She's still doing amazing, we just have a few questions. Unfortunately we've noticed a little facial tick, we're praying it's nothing. It doesn't seem to bother Marie much, but it's becoming more constant. Hard to see progression of any kind, we'll see what he says.

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2awesomekidz said...

Love the pics, looks like everyonoe is having tons of fun and relaxed. Oh that nap nanny looks soo comfy! Would have been perfect for Landon, hope Marie enjoys it! She is such a beautiful toddler!

The VW's said...

Sounds like a busy time for all of you! Busy can be very good though, can't it?

Marie looks SO happy! I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

A Farmer's Wife said...

BEAUTIFUL girls and BEAUTIFUL pictures! Your farm is beautiful!!! I hope all goes well with Marie's doctor appointment. Please post with an update!

The VW's said...

Hey, When you get your Nap Nanny could you take a picture of Marie sitting in it and post it on your blog?

That looks perfect for Gavin, but I want a little more evidence of it being good before I take the risk in buying it. THANKS!!! If you want you could e-mail the pic to my e-mail instead if you want. I would really appreciate this!

Jennifer Morgan said...

Ohhh...Holden & Josie would have sooo much fun together in the tractors/trucks/ect. Holden is always riding with our farmer neighbor. too cool!!

LOVE the new look of the blog!!