Thursday, February 02, 2012


We have been really busy at our house.  Because Luke farms mid-winter is our time to do house projects.  This year it is painting the kitchen cabinets.  I cannot believe it's been nearly three years since we moved to this house, and painting the kitchen is one of our last big projects to do.  We still need to finish the basement bath and at some point install larger windows in the basement bedrooms but those are a long way off yet.

Getting the cabinets painted is mostly Luke's job.  I've been busy with Eva and fighting a terrible cold so I haven't been much help to him.

Eva is going to be four months old in a week and going through that super clingy stage.  She doesn't want down for anything.  Her personality seems to be a lot like Josie.  Sort of sensitive, and easily overwhelmed.  Not the easiest baby in the world.  She hasn't given us a real giggle yet, but does chuckle a bit when you tickle her.  Getting better on her tummy.  The trick is getting her to go along with being out of my arms!

The kitchen project in the beginning stages....
You can see the beginnings of the finished product here.  We went with a charcoal gray.

Just busy and blessed with these girls!

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