Monday, July 15, 2013


The world seems that way lately.  The Treyvon thing, the 51st state movement (which I am down with by the way, I love Colorado but I disagree with so much of what they have done here lately), crazy.  Repbulicans and Democrats don't just disagree but flat out hate each other.  People profess to be Christian but spew hate and somehow being a Christian is considered close minded and bad...  The world is on a decline.  And I honestly feel I'm probably too white, too middle class, too middle America to weigh in.  It's like there's always someone out there more ethnic than me so they understand better, they've traveled, done more, they're more worldly.

And then me.  An Irish/Italian girl from Colorado who went to college, married a farmer and is raising children, and loves Jesus.  I'm a stay at home mom for gosh sakes.  I know about laundry detergent and Pinterest.  I'll admit, I live in a bit of a bubble.  I got nothin'.  Except I'm over it.

I'm over the news.
Over the hate.
Over the people who tear everyone else down.
I'm over the name calling, the trash talking.
Over the arguing, the fighting.
Over the black, white, polka dot.
I'm over the drought, the low yeilds, the high food prices.
Over the Monsanto thing.

In just skimming an article (not the one I linked) about the 51st state movement in Colorado we were referred to as hicks in these rural counties.  Really?  Have you ever met a farmer?  We're wearing designer jeans and driving SUV's you can't afford.  And living in nicer houses than you too if we want to get down to brass tacks.  But we're rural, so we're hicks.  And if I'm for self defense I'm a racist, and if I'm pro-life I'm a closed minded person wanting to push women back 100 years.   It's awful.

I don't get it.  It makes me sad.  I try very hard not to pass judgment on others.  I love me some Jewish people.  Some Democrats.  Some *gasp* city dwellers.  Some Hispanics and African Americans.  Actually, I really love those Hispanics.  Those people know how to LIVE.  And its our differences that make it fun to know them.  I appreciate a good debate if I'm not called stupid for my beliefs.

It's sad times, and it's crazy.  I worry a little about the world I leave for my daughters.  I'm sort of relieved my precious one isn't in it.  It's just crazy....


Clarissa said...

I know! Sometimes, I can't help but think how Elijah is the lucky one.. he doesn't have to endure the evil of this wolrd! Ugh! So much hate! :(

Cindy said...

Wow, this post is EXACTLY how I feel!! It seems we don't live anymore. Instead we judge, we attack, we sue (over the tiniest offense) we fight, we argue... it's really sad. Not what life was intended to be at all.