Friday, September 27, 2013


My children, once a week. Inspired by bluebird vintage.

This has been a week of harvest.  We started picking corn last Friday, and one week later we are still working toward completion. The corn is not the best.  This was the second year of drought and we just didn't get rains when we needed them.  Still, a harvest and we are grateful.

As the girls get older I am able to be in the field more helping Luke.  It is nice to be more a part of what we do for a living.

A moment captured.
Her smile.
Her spirit.

The color of that sky.

My favorite field.
The corn header.
Watching a dust devil spin.

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Clarissa said...

love the pictures! what a blessed life you & Luke are giving your girls! LOve that pic of Sarah in the field with her boots on... what a sweet farm girl!