Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Breif update...

Well, we have been getting ready for Christmas and it seems like things have been so busy non-stop. Josie got a cold after Thanksgiving and wasn't sleeping well (which made my days seem longer)it still isn't gone, so she's pretty much not been feeling well for nearly 3 weeks. Also, Luke has been driving sugar beet re-haul and working the 12am-12pm shift, then coming home and sleeping afternoon/evening. All of this has sort of combined to make things all out of sorts for us. Then theres the baking, shopping, wrapping, stress that is Christmas *sigh*!

Other than her cold Jo's doing really well. She's talking like crazy and has added the word "crazy" to her vocabulary. Also, some new phrazes "round and round" "diaper change" "good stuff" "super cool" "I get it" and others that I'm not thinking of right now.

I cut my hair and got contacts after Thanksgiving so that's my big news. It's not the best pic, but not too bad. Could be worse!!!

She's pretty jazzed up about Christmas too and has been wandering around with presents that she's stolen from under the tree. She's really interested in two that came from our good friend Laura in New Hampshire (THANK YOU!!!!). Laura and I met when I worked at Arabian Horse Association (Jen, you will remember her I think) and she's the kindest, most wonderful person, someday I hope we get to meet her! Anyway, she's had those two gifts all over the house, but to her credit, not a corner of the paper is torn so she's doing really good:)

I just wanted to wish everyone a merry merry Christmas and happy New Year, in case I don't talk to some of you in the coming days. Take care of yourselves everyone!


J said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I was just looking at your girls' pretty pictures. Alan does get all his care at Children's. And I just got hired there so I'll be there all the time now.

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