Friday, April 21, 2006

Long overdue....

At long last, here are some photos from Schlachter Sausage in March. We had a lot of fun, nice to see all the family, and Josie of course loved getting so much attention.

Luke and the 'men' loading sausage into the smokehouse- we had stuffed the 'guts' the night before:)
Luke, Aaron, Uncle Perry,and that's Stacey with Josie in the background...

The sausages are hung on the rods to dry before smoking, it's a tough job because you have to make sure none of them touch, if they touch they'll stick, and if they stick the casing breaks and you've wasted a link...

Aunt Gail caught one of the kitties, Josie loves them, but it was so nasty, cold and windy, he wanted nothing to do with being petted! They had fun anyway:)

It was also fun to have a lot of other kids around, Josie really enjoyed that part!

After standing in the wind putting sausage in the smoke house everyone headed to Schmidts for coffee and cookies- here's a shot of the kids table, Josie had so much fun being a big girl sitting with the other big girls:)

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