Friday, April 21, 2006

Recent photos-

Here's some pictures of what we've been up to lately:) We've been busy! Farming is taking off again so Luke's been out in the field, spraying mostly. I have my little online job and that I do when Josie naps which is nice. Josie is talking so much now! Tons of words/phrases. Most notable: "I can't believe it" "Holy Cow!" "Hmmmm, where could be?" "I'm gonna get you!"

We are all excited for the arrival of Hazen and Andrea's baby, Josie has not idea what's going on... a few weeks ago she patted my tummy though and asked "Momma, you got a baby in there?" I had to tell her no:) She does like the baby in Andrea's belly though, and will pooch hers out to match ;)

We don't really have a ton of news, just day to day stuff- we did get Josie and outside playset which is really cool! It's used to wasn't terribly expensive, but it features a play house, two slides, a tunnel, and climbing tower:) Pretty cool! Enjoy the pics! Love to you all-
Josie helping me make bread- she loves to help in the kitchen, she'll get her step stool and climb up. Heaven help you if she does not have her step stool and cannot help- it doesn't go over well!

A beautiful fairy princess, Josie all dressed up as Tinkerbell. She was singing too, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but unfortunately I don't think you can post video on the blog:( I like this picture though:)

Josie and her partner in crime, Aidyn. The terrible twosome, they make a good team:) This is a nice pic:)

Dying Easter eggs- which mostly I did, but Josie had fun putting stickers on them when they were dry:) Easter was a lot of fun this year, but, of course we forgot to take any pictures while we were dressed in our best:(

Josie's new outside play gym- lots of fun! :)

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