Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MIckey's graduation & other pictures

My brother Mickey's graduation was really nice! We went home to my parents, and both my sisters were there as well. Josie had a blast seeing everyone, and, we also got to help move cows to summer pasture so that was pretty enjoyable as well.

Mickey is going to come to NJC next year so he'll be close to us, and both Luke and I are really looking forward to that.

Update on Josie- she's doing really good. Not taking to potty training (resuses to sit on potty when she actually has to go) so we're taking some time off. She's talking up a storm, among my new favorites are: trif-kit! (terrific), I can't believe it!, Dirty Hippies (thank you Daddy), and Check it out! Pretty cute. We're also workning on erradicating our first swear word from her vocabulary 'Damn It'. Pretty cute when she says it though (how horrible is that??!!)

Anyway- below are some pictures of our trip- enjoy!
Mickey walking into the auditorium...

Me and Mickey following the cerimony...

Marika, Josie, and Annalee following the cerimony....

Josie being 'shy' and Annalee laughing at how silly that is!

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