Thursday, November 08, 2007


So, I still haven't gotten our Halloween photos off the camera. It's on my to do list, sadly that list is pretty long.

I did want to update everyone on where things are with Marie since I know many of you are concerned. Since getting home we started her on a "vitamin cocktail" as recommended by the Dr's at the Metabolic Clinic at Children's. Unfortunately, these did not agree with Marie and she was vomiting with frightening regularity. Despite giving the vitamins with meals she just couldn't seem to beat the nausea so the Dr's took her off them. They feel that the forceful vomiting isn't worth the possible benefit from the vitamines at this time. If she seems to to better with the throwing up we'll talk about putting her back on them then (Marie's been throwing up the last few days, but I think it's due to her shots that she jsut received). She has gotten her flu shot, and on Tuesday we finally got her caught up on her 6 month vaccinations as well.

This morning was Marie's first day of physical therapy, and according to the therapist she's doing relatively well (all things considered). She told us that developmentally Marie is only about a month to two months behind. Mentally she is where she should be for an 8 month old as far as she could tell. We now have some exercises to start which will help increase Marie's muscle strength, balance, etc. Our goals would be to get her sitting independently, and standing while holding on to things.

Marie will also do some occupational therapy (hand eye coordination and that type of thing) but we haven't met with them yet.

Luke and I are still overwhelmed, but I think we're beginning to find a way to live with the changes in our lives.

Josie is good, although today she's come down with a rather nasty head cold. She is huge in keeping us upbeat, she's always doing something funny to make us laugh. She has an understanding that God put Marie together a little differently, and Marie needs extra help to do a lot of the things that Josie can do. We've been making sure Jo gets lots of individual attention from us as well.

So, that's where we are today. We still have an appointment scheduled for December 6 at Children's and this is when we'll get the test results. If they all come in sooner they'll call us and we'll go in early (I don't really see that happening though).

On a side note, both Rie's bottom teeth are in, and today she said "Da-da". Josie can also read the word "football" on her own, which is not the first word I would have guessed she would read, but whatever. She's a fireball.

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