Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This week...

Just to update you all on where we've been the last week. Marie finally had a good day yesterday. She has vomited at least once a day for the last 7 days, but yesterday she managed to keep both lunch and dinner down. She's still nursing primarily, we try to get what baby food we can down her but she's lost a lot of interest.

We had physical therapy this morning. The therapist is concerned about her legs, she wants us to ask about splints at our Dec 6 appointment. Marie's feet are turning in more severely than before, and she's worried about stress on the joints.

Marie is still happy, but there seem to be days now where she just doesn't feel well. Her slouchy-ness is becoming more pronounced, and she really is much like a newborn a lot now. When she is tired she looses head control, fists her hands like a newborn, and doesn't move her arms and legs much. She wants to be held almost all the time, and Luke and I give into that a lot. We also have sort of stopped using the high chair, she just doesn't sit well enough to use it. Of course the vomiting is discouraging because it's uncomfortable for her, and also because we're really concerned that she hasn't gained wait in nearly 3 months now. We're going to talk to our family Dr about some sort of food supplement, or if anything can be done to help her to gain.

She's sleeping in our bed every night now too. She nurses almost non-stop throughout the night, and the upside to that is that she's able to get a pretty good meal in. We're also wondering if maybe she has "night terrors" since she wakes screaming a lot, especially if she's not touching Luke or I.

There are some good things though. When she's well rested she's doing well with standing. She also can pull to sitting from a semi-reclined position and she is starting to use her arms to catch herself when she tilts.

Both Josie and Marie are finally over their colds, and Josie's ear infection has cleared up (though we still have the Ear/Nose & Throat appointment on Friday).

Josie had ballet yesterday and is really becoming quite the dancer. She knows so many moves now, and it's a ton of fun to watch her. She's also become a huge helper with Marie (helping her to stay sitting on the bed, helping her hold toys etc).

I'm taking a lot of pictures, though most are still on the camera... I need to get them posted soon.

That's really about all for us here, still doing day to day. We're looking forward to the appointment on the 6th but dreading it at the same time. Our days tend to be sort of a roller coaster, and I'm sure we're not always the best company, but we're still just trying to focus on the good things that happen (which is not to say that we don't get completely discouraged and loose it sometimes, we're just lucky enough that we don't do it at the same time).

Hopefully everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving, we did. Until later, xoxo.

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