Monday, December 03, 2007


So, I'm finally grabbing a few minuets to update everyone on Jo's Ear/Nose/Throat appointment on Friday. First she had a hearing test, and her hearing is PERFECT!!! Hooray for that, but not a surprise really, everything about Josie is perfect;)

We then met with her Doctor who checker her ears under the microscope. Apparently the left tube is just fine, but there is scar tissue forming around the right tube (the one she always gets ear infections in). The scar tissue is catching all the nasty stuff, then getting infected. He said that after 2 and a half years her body is just reacting to the tube as a foreign body (tubes are only supposed to go a year to a year and a half then they normally fall out on their own). He gave us a new antibiotic to try, a drop called Cyphrodex (sp?). We will go back for a recheck on January 11 and if the drops cleared up the infection we will talk about scheduling surgery to remove her tubes and her adenoids (he believes they may be contributing to the problem). If the drops don't work and she still has an ear infection we will definitely schedule surgery to get the tubes out. Not ideal, but at least we know whats up now.

Marie did great on Friday going to Fort Collins. She was pretty happy all day and didn't get sick at all:) We got to have lunch with my dear friend Britt and we all really enjoyed that. We also swung by Grandma Judy's work and got to see where she spends her days (thanks for the tree, it's perfect!!!).

Saturday was another good day for Marie, we actually were able to pretend that we were "normal" for a little while. She was happy, and pretty strong for most of the day.

Sunday was not so good. After three days of not vomiting she spend the afternoon throwing up. The only thing she absorbed yesterday was breast milk, no interest in food of any sort (other than gnawing on those big hard pretzel sticks). I felt bad for her, she heaved really hard and all I can do is rock her when I know it hurts so bad. The appointment is Thursday and to say Luke and I are on edge is probably a bit of an understatement. We are so relieved to finally get some answers but terrified of what we may hear. I have my list of questions, namely what can we do to put some weight on her. I see now where she's getting thinner, the only real chub she has left is a bit of a double chin. That would at the moment be our largest concern.

I've been reading on other families who have children facing Mitochondrial Disease. It is an evil, vicious thing. All of them suffer so much. I don't really know how you could handle this if you didn't have faith. As strange as it sounds, this has strengthened my faith so much. I know that He must be here with me, otherwise I'm not sure I could handle this. I know that He is with Marie. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers, everyone is so wonderful.

Anyway, as you can see I'm a bit of a train wreck this morning so excuse the rambling. I know that you're all holding your breath for results along with us, so I'll update after Thursdays appointment as quickly as I can. Much Love- Shan

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