Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas at our house was wonderful. Luke and I hosted Christmas Eve with his Dad and Grandparents and then we had Christmas Eve night following church all to ourselves. We videoed the whole thing, and took a lot of pictures. Once again, I have software issues and can't seem to post anything to the blog so as soon as I figure that out I'll be putting up a ton of pics.

Josie was really excited this year (finally!). She got two new Barbies (thank you to Laura for the barbie and clothes, you are wonderful, we love you). Jo also got a tea set, candy land game, several princess games, Bella Dancerella (a DVD, mat and wand that all comes together to be this ballet princess thing). She was really spoiled and has been playing non-stop.

Marie got a wonderful baby doll, a new ball, a soccer goal complete with ball (she's batting it around like crazy, hooray for toys that encourage her to work those little muscles). She also got a castle book, and a lot of other things.

I cooked my first turkey Christmas day and it actually turned out, it was a lot of work though.... it will probably take me a year to get up the nerve to do that again.

Marie had three wonderful days, from Sunday-Wednesday, but this afternoon was a rough one. She didn't nap well and this evening she had some inconsolable crying and then she vomited. No interest in food either. Her cries seem to Luke and I to indicate pain, so we're documenting everything to bring to the GI docs on the 16th. It's hard to not be able to do anything to comfort her during these tough spells, I cried a lot this evening.

All in all though, the last week has been a good one. We're really thankful that Christmas could be that way. Thank you to everyone who's supported us during the last month, and to everyone who spoiled our girls... like I said, I'll put pics up as soon as I can!

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