Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whew, we have had some busy days. Easter was wonderful! I was tentative, I was worried going into it. Last year, we baptised Marie on Easter. What an amazing day to do it, the church full of lily's, but I worried how I'd handle that this year. With God's grace, it was just fine! Church was nice, it's my favorite service of the year. I only teared up a few times, and once it was while we were singing The Lamb, and that always happens so it doesn't count:)

After church we went out to Marc and Gails for the annual Easter egg hunt. It was the best afternoon I have had in a long time. Marie was a trooper, she wasn't fussing at all and content in my arms. Josie had a blast, her and her cousin Nicole found tons of eggs and got some really fantastic Easter baskets. The meal was as always, really good. Luke played softball, and that game is always a lot of fun to watch. Josie actually batted and ran the bases a few times, she had a blast. Most importantly though, family kept me laughing and enjoying myself too much to get down. It was such a break from my day to day worries, I am grateful for that. It was such a beautiful day!

Other than that, we've been just doing the day to day. Marie is doing a lot better, she's slept through the night 5 days in a row now. Still in the middle though, truth be told, Luke and I like having her in bed with us too much to move her back to her crib. The weather has been so nice, yesterday Josie and I were outside for hours doing sidewalk chalk and blowing bubbles.

Here are some of our recent photos, Josie and I dyed eggs and they turned out awesome! It was a special dye kit for marbled eggs, and I think we'll do them this way from now on. Who knew that a few drops of vegetable oil in the dye could make them turn out so cool?

Marie napping (on her own!!!) in the recliner. She is so beautiful, and her hair is getting so long!

My view from the sling... Marie in her favorite place:) She's still spending a few hours every afternoon in her pouch, she is my little Sling Thing.

Monday night Josie had her first soccer practice. She's the one in the pink coat and shorts. In this pick she's sitting down holding the ball. She had a blast and seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. I think she'll enjoy it. Also, since the weathers getting nicer and it's outside, her games are something that we can do as a family and bring Marie along. That, is priceless.

Josie kicking the ball during a drill. Just in case you wondered, her shin guards are pink, her soccer ball is pink. Her cleats are black, but they have pink stripes! I mean really, would you expect anything less? ;)


Anonymous said...

I love hearing that you have good days. I thought of you when I was fixing a plumbing problem today!! Brendan got on the blog and shared with his aunt who is a nurse. Her name is Debbie and you are in her thoughts and prayers, and her message was "What cute girls!" We love you,

Susie said...

You're right, Marie really is beautiful! She looks amazing in brown.