Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Storms and a slow down....

Saturday was the big finish.  Josie's machine pitch/t-ball tournament went all morning.  I was so proud of her.  She played hard through three games, and went out to finish the last two innings of the last game after getting hit in the neck with a ball that had been tossed into the dugout.  It was good to see her accomplish something, and she was proud of herself.  Not to mention on her team, "1" there were 12 kids, only two of them girls.  Not bad at all!

Sunday, Father's Day.  We had breakfast together and the girls gave Luke their gift, a new sign saying "Dad's Garage" for his new shop.  We went to church, came home and grilled steaks and took naps.  When the Sarah got up we climbed in the Jeep and headed out to the cemetery.  We took Marie new flowers to replace the ones we brought out at Easter.  Pink, yellow, and white daisy's.  It is hard to have Mother's and Father's Day without her.  Especially Father's Day.  She was his baby through and through.

We came home, played in  the backyard, had good friends stop by.  And we watched the sky.  It was dark and windy and Luke was on the radar.  Nasty storms Sunday night.  The girls and I spent a good portion of the evening downstairs in the basement with tornado sirens going off and the weather radio on.  The wind and rain were amazing.  It literally came down sideways from the north.  And north of here it was bad.  Three fields are gone.  Three fields of wheat that was growing and beautiful are basically standing empty now.  And insurance will cover the loss but it's not as good as a harvest...

And Sunday was a day of storms.  Storms of the heart, storms of the sky.  Missing Marie and the rain slashing down.  Ice falling and leveling stalks of grain.  I know this.  God did not make hail.  It's a product of a sinful world.  Still, we are blessed.

Three fields is not everything.  Of the five or so fields hit only three are total losses.  Our house is fine, the farmstead is fine. We were all safe.  No tornado's touched down.  The girls didn't hear the siren and they weren't scared.  We still have wheat to harvest, we still have each other, we'll see Marie again.  And the weather is going to warm up again the end of the week so we look forward to that and maybe getting in the pool.  Finally!


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Clarissa said...

thankful that the storm wasn't worse... although it doesn't sound like it was very mild!

hugs and prayers sent your way!