Friday, June 03, 2011

Fingerprint Friday...

It has been a very busy week!  Between vacation bible school, dance recital dress rehearsal, machine pitch (t ball) practice starting, and gymnastics kicking off we have been in the car a lot.  It sounds like Josie is involved in everything.  This week, yes.  It was sort of an overlap week in activities.  Next week will slow down and we can take a breath.

Today we are heading for the front range and a dentist appointment for Sarah.  Tomorrow is the Landon's Hope walk and we will spend the morning remembering Marie...  I am looking forward to it. 

I realised today that I have not taken any pictures this time with baby number 4.  That won't do at all.  I love having a record of each pregnancy with my girls and No. 4 will not be any different.

So, my Fingerprint this week...

22 weeks, baby girl number four.  Not a great photograph.  Learning to be joyful with a broken heart.  Missing Marie and rejoicing in the girls that I have with me.  Thirty years old and still trying to become who God would want me to be.  Life is weird...  I am getting better at just trying to rejoice in what God gives me in the moment.  It is easy right now because as you can see, I am pretty blessed.



Clarissa said...

Yes, you are blessed! And it's a great photo!
We will be thinking of you all tomorrow and remembering Marie with you! Wish we could be there!

artsyclay said...

Awww, you look adorable!!!