Tuesday, November 08, 2011

One month...

One month ago today I met Evangeline.  I cannot believe how quickly the time passes.  She is just something.  We are all pretty taken with her. 

In one months time we have learned that she has a little bit of a temper.  She can't stand having her diapers wet.  She enjoys baths.  She wants to be held.  All. The. Time.  Evangeline is a good sleeper, and a wonderful nurser, and we are so blessed with her.

In one months time I have learned...

Having Eva here makes me miss Marie more.  Who would she be?  What sort of big sister would she be?  My heart longs to see all of my daughters together.

Our family has changed.  Our day to day life is so different, we are blessed by two little ladies who will never know the day to day with their sister.  Life is different now, we are different now.  It feels like it's been so long sometimes since Marie's been gone.  It makes me sad, but at the same time I acknowledge that this progression of time is unavoidable.  Even if Marie were here our family would be different, we would be different than we were two years ago.  And I hate to think of the struggles she may have faced as life moved forward. 

In the last month I have learned that having two little girls 25 months apart is a little demanding.  Sarah is still pretty little and Eva is pretty impatient.  Josie and Marie were three years apart, and Jo was potty trained when Rie was born.  The three year spacing is definitely easier.

It feels like corn harvest is never going to end.

I have learned that I still really need to pay attention to what Josie is up to.  She lost her coat and I spent the week tearing the house apart because we were certain it was somewhere at home.  Totally neurotic, looking under beds tearing the house apart.  Turns out the coat was at church.  Josie needs watching.

I already knew this but I am remembering it now.  The miracle blanket is a miracle.

One month, God is so Good.  All the time, even when it hurts.


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