Thursday, October 18, 2007

We talked to the Neurologists.

We've just finished speaking with the neurologists. Right now cancer is completely ruled out. Epilepsy is also a definite no.

The neurologists are leaning toward the tremors being the result of a metabolic problem. They believe that is may be that the mitochondria in her cells are not functioning as they should. The neurologist we spoke with has examined Marie's medical history and pointed out that developmentally Marie has been flatlined for the last month. She's still sitting supported but has been since the end of August and isn't progressing with it, that combined with her poor tone (Marie tends to slump her head and slouch quite a bit) along with the eye tremors and overall tremors lead them to believe that her cells may not be "feeding" her body as the should.

From here they will do a spinal tap, and they're going to draw quite a bit more blood. There will be some very intense blood work done, and the results for this will take up to 2 weeks to come in. They may also do some genetic testing, because if it is that, the family needs to be aware (this seeemed to be a minor concern at this time, so no-one worry too much on that front).

That means, that the latest we'll probably be at Childrens for now is Saturday. They'll send us home as soon as the testing is done and then we'll wait for the results. The spinal tap will require her to go under anethesia again, so that may not take place until tommorow, we'll see. Until later.... much love.

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Anonymous said...

We are thinking about and praying for Marie and hope that some definate answers come soon!
Sending you big hugs from Canada.

The Hannon Family
Michelle, Doug and kids