Friday, November 28, 2008

A different perspective!

Marie is not supposed to see well, or have a much motor control. Extreme things are not supposed to be pleasant experiences for her. Too much heat, too much cold, situations where her body is forced to adjust to extremes are supposed to be uncomfortable or difficult, or so they tell us. That said, apparently she's not listening!

Happy, happy, happy to be upside down!

Again Mommy! Every time we do this, when I put her upright again she arches her back and straightens her legs and will attempt to put herself back upside down if I'm not fast enough for her!

Josie and I worked for hours this afternoon on our gingerbread house. There was some candy leftover.... until we ate it!

It is getting to be that season, can't you just feel it?!!

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Colleen said...

Kennedy is the same way, as long as it is what she wants to do.

Your gingerbread house looks yummy!

sarah said...

The house looks awesome!

RC said...

love the pic with marie upside down and you smiling a big 'ole smile!

Matt said...

I showed M the picture of Josie, and asked him who it was. He said excitedly, "That's June!"

A Big Little Einsteins Fan, he is.

Michaelene said...

Luke is one lucky man to have a home filled with such beautiful women ;)
Great pics, love the gingerbread house! Look at that baby girl, upside down and the biggest smile ... and look at her mama, you guys are too sweet.

The VW's said...

Love the pictures! I also love the fact that Marie is obviously a little dare-devil! What cute girls you have!

Tiffany & Jeff said...

:) What happy girls! :)
Not listening or answered prayer??
HUGS to all!

Holly said...

SO SWEET!!! Troy loves that too. I think Troy would love Marie :)
Josie looks happy and full of sugar next to her gingerbread house. Hope you are having a good week.