Thursday, November 06, 2008

First haircut!

This morning I took Marie to Veronica's and Annie gave Marie her very first real haircut! She was incredibly cute, smiled and cooed while she was combed and snipped, and then she got some cuddles with Veronica while I got my eyebrows done ;) All in all, perfect first haircut!

As you can see, I think she knows she looks good!

Josie was trying really hard to take flight in the dining room too, and it was worthy of a picture!

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The VW's said...

You look gorgeous Marie!!!

Michaelene said...

Little beauty, you are such an amazing soul! Now Josie, my sweet little Godson, Nathan, also tried to take flight when he was younger (he was trying to be Batman jumping off his dresser...eeek!) and broke his arm. And not just broke it but had to have surgery to fix it :o) so you be careful trying to be a flying fairy!!
Cute pics, Mama.

Holly said...

So cute! She's awesome!!! So glad it went well..