Friday, September 03, 2010

A year... Fingerprint Friday...

Today is Fingerprint Friday and I should do a post about how I see God working in my life.  Today is September third though, and it's a year ago we had Marie service for her.  We celebrated her going home on the day that she would have been exactly two and a half years old.

I don't really remember a lot of the day.  Or the weeks, or the months following Marie's going home.  It is all a hazy time which I think is a blessing in a way but it makes me sad because they were Sarah's very first days and I don't remember them.

It was a beautiful day though, almost hot with very little wind.  The sun shone so brightly that day and we remembered Marie at the little church where Luke and I were married and she was baptized...

So we sent balloons to Heaven... all for Marie.

Today September third is a different day.  I have to get Sarah to a doctor appointment for her ears, I have Josie home from school and I'm so grateful for that.  I need to make cupcakes for a big first birthday party tomorrow.  Luke is in the field trying to spray as many acres as he can to get all the weeds killed, to start sewing wheat next week.  Today is very different day.  But the hurts still the same.  She's my baby, and she was so little and went through so much.  And she could still smile... and I miss you Mama.

Still, there's joy. 

And peaches...  So I'll hold my blessings close and smile for Marie, even if there are some tears.


clarissa said...

yes, with Jesus we can see and find the joy in things, despite the pain. saying a prayer for you today, as i do every day. love and hugs...

nat said...

Hey Shannon
I'm sorry to send this to you by your blog but I think your Facebook account has been compromised. Someone just IM'ed me under your name and basically made me think you were in London and robbed at gun point lol as soon as they said that I said "ok good luck with that" lol But now when I look for you on my friend list you disappeared! The person deleted me from your list :(
Here's the screen cap:
I hope they haven't locked you out so you can't get back in.
Just wanted you to know asap!