Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am done with that woman who has the cold voice.  I finished with her this morning.  After talking to the husband, and his father it became aware that I was taken yesterday.  She was calling to sell insurance.  It was not something decided but something she was pushing, making me think that I needed to do it.  And from there she invaded our accounts.  We didn't need to talk about beneficiaries, it wasn't the reason for her call.  But she took it there.

And I didn't need to tell her about our Marie, my father in law told them at the office, a long time ago.

And that made me a little mad.  So I called and talked to the man in charge.  I told him how that call made me feel...  How it upset me, and upset my husband, and upset his father.  All so she could sell some insurance.

And she isn't handling our accounts anymore.

In the words of Sarah Palin "you don't mess with a Mama Grizzly".  Or the mother of a special needs child.  My ability to tolerate being pushed around was maxed out a long time ago and I am still fierce about protecting us. 



Holly said...

Give it to 'em!
Be Done! You protect that family with the heart of a momma Grizzly. You got it!!! I am proud of you, that woman was out of line- to say the least... I love you, you strong, brave momma bear!

Clarissa said...

thats horrible what that woman did, Shan! I'm sorry you had to go through that! some people have no heart!

Val said...

THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is just terrible what you had to go through!! I am so sorry! Stay strong!! Jesus is always with you!! Prayers~Elisa