Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still here...

I haven't been posting a lot.  Life has seemed so full these last weeks.  Today I've been going through pictures... we switched computers over the summer and some that I know we had are gone... even on the disks I had backed up.  So I've been sort of obsessing over that.

And Sarah has been demanding attention and I love that she can speak her mind so well!  All is ok with us, just busy...  I think we are all feeling the anniversary coming next week, and Marie's birthday coming Thursday.  It's hard to be without her these days. 

I'm going back to my pictures...  Until  later-


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Clarissa said...

Hey Shan,
I hope you're able to find all of your pictures! We recently bought an external hard drive to put our pictures on.. I really don't want to lose the pictures of our kids!

My prayers are with you... keep looking to Him! Love to you and yours...