Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day to day...

Not too much is going on with us right now.

Last week we got ready to celebrate Marie's birthday and poor Josie woke up very early Thursday morning throwing up.  I got her cleaned up and back to bed but the entire process woke up Sarah (who is the lightest sleeper ever) and I wound up being up with her for a few hours.

We kept Josie home from school and Luke stayed home as well.  Thursday was a quiet day of remembering Marie.  We got her balloons and let them go in the cemetery.  It was sunny but started to rain just as we were leaving.  The flowers at her stone were beautiful and it was wonderful that she was thought of.  We left her a birthday bow, and of course, the balloons. 

That evening I got sick, Luke fed the girls leftovers and we watched videos of Marie.  We don't do it often because in the past it has really hurt to see her.  This time it was good and we were all left with smiles on our faces, not just tears in our eyes.  I suppose that is the passage of time.  The hurt is no less, or any easier to bear, but we are getting better at carrying it.  And honestly, I would not choose another cross.  It was good to see Marie smiling and laughing, we are so blessed to have those moments recorded.

The stomach flu hit me hard and I was out all day Friday and most of Saturday.  Luke stepped right in, and as much as I tease him about how lost he'd be without me the truth is he'd be just fine.  He was so wonderful.

We had planned to go to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver to celebrate Marie's birth with some fun family time but the bug put a stop to that.  Josie has this Thursday and Friday off school because our high school girls are going to state with basketball so we are thinking we may go then.  I am looking forward to seeing Sarah take it all in, the butterflies, the bugs, just being in a different place.  She was so little when we went for Rie's birthday last year.

And, I'll leave with a few photos.  My girls are getting so big!

Sarah, all ready to go to the dentist in Fort Collins.  She had two teeth coming overlapping and along with nursing at night that caused a cavity.  We were referred to a wonderful pediatric dentist up there and they did a temporary filling.  When she is three or so they'll put a permanent filling in.  Until then they need to monitor it regularly.

Sassy miss...  I had to bribe her with the tutu just to get her dressed that day!

Josie with her cousin Kyle's Flat Stanley that was mailed to us from other cousins.  We had a hard time saying what Stanley go to see while he was visiting our town!  We finally wrote that he got to see tractors, wheat and corn fields, and the co-op elevators!

Thank you all for thinking of our sweet Marie on her birthday.  It means so much to us to know that she is remembered!

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snapdragon said...

what a beautiful way to remember Marie :)