Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Spring is in the air.  I can feel it and right now I can't wait to get outside.  I am even going to do my windows as an excuse to get out there.  That is a big deal.

We are doing well.  Sarah hasn't been sleeping the best but she sort of knows how to work Luke and I and we're softies so we pick her up.  Trying to quit doing that...

I had Josie's parent teacher confrence last night and she is doing amazing.  Socially and academicly she is where she needs to be and I am so happy for that.  I worried after going through the Marie being called Home that Josie would struggle.  She hasn't been much, and I think we have our wonderful councellor to thank for that.  I am so glad that we have him to ask for advice and for guidance as we still try to figure out living.

My crocus are blooming all yellow and they are beautiful.  I put a red bandanna on Cooper because he wore his blue one out and he looks pretty handsome (for a dog).  Luke is working out at the farm and it won't be long before tractors are rolling, fields needing spraying and millet needs planting.  Spring just seems to bloom with new life.

I have been working hard to count my blessings lately and I have so many...  I am so grateful that I feel blessed again.  It is good.  It feels good. 

My windows are calling!  Happy Wednesday!



Clarissa said...

yay for spring! :O)

Elisa said...

LOVE spring!!