Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer winding down...

We have been racing and I have not made the time to write down our lives.  It is hard to believe that it is already August.  In no particular order, this is how we have been spending our summer days.

Today we have been finished with wheat harvest for exactly a week and a half.

Today I am 32 weeks.  I cannot believe in two months time we will be meeting our little girl.

Today marks one week and one day before school starts.

Yesterday I drove 303 miles round trip to take Josie to her ear specialist.  We thought she had lost her ear tubes as she has been fighting ear infections for a month.  Turns out she just has a really horrible infection, the tubes are still in place though.  The specialist thinks it may have begun as swimmers ear and then moved into the inner ear.  The infection is so bad that her right ear was literally bleeding.  Three weeks of antibiotic drops and we're going back for a re-check.

Sarah was awesome in the car though.

Last night we had some big thunderstorms move through.  The millet up north and at the farm was hailed.  It has been a summer for terrible storms.

Sarah will be two soon...

Marie will be gone two years soon... that is hard to wrap my mind around and breaks my heart every time I think of it. 

Josie is nervous about starting second grade.  She worries and struggles with change...

We went to the lake with Luke's cousins.  It was good.  We relaxed and had fun and played in the water. 

I have been canning pickles and will do peaches soon.  I actually got myself a present and bought a big water bath canner.  It was embarrassing how excited I was about a canner.  A big pot.  That actually means more work for me.  I am insane.

This weekend is the last real weekend of summer.  School starts on the 18th. 


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Katie said...

Will you share your tips for pickling and/or canning? You're so domestic. I need lessons. ;)