Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentines is coming...

I get really excited about Valentines Day.  I like the idea of doing something special just because you love someone.  It also gives me an excuse to spoil my girls.

This year I am planning to make them these:

As far as I can tell it's just pillowcases sewn together.  There aren't any instructions.  All I have to go on is the photo.  Don't they look fun?  I am thinking for movie watching, for camping, for slumber parties.

And to make it even better this is what I found to make them with:

For Josie.
Source: via Shannon on Pinteres

For Sarah.

You need five and there's two cases to a set so I'm going to do two sets (4 animal print) and one hot pink one.  Total cost for this will be about $125.  About $74 for the pillowcases and then $50 for pillows (we don't have any extras).  It sounds a little pricey but I'm hoping that we will get our money back in use for these.  We don't have any loungy furniture or bean bags or anything.  I am hoping they last for years.  Also, because I should be able to slide the pillows out and wash the cases that should help to keep them nice.

I cannot believe in a few days I will have an eight year old.  Josie is turning 8 on the 27th.



Clarissa said...

looks very cool! :-) Happy early 8th birthday to Josie!! Josiah will be 7 in about 1 month... it's crazy how fast they grow up!

Clara-Leigh said...

What a cute idea!!!! I had an idea though.....what about making it where there is velcro or are ties on one side of each section that holds a pillow so you can wash them??? Just my unasked-for two cents!!!! Enjoy those beautiful girls!!