Thursday, November 17, 2005

Candy necklaces...

The last week has been so busy, with Josie behaving as normal (i.e. her throwing tantrums and screaming followed by her giving hugs and kisses that leave Mommy on a serious emotional roller coaster). We're doing just fine!:)

The opening day of pheasant season was last Saturday and Luke along with friends Marcus and DJ, an others, went out and rustled themselves up some pheasants. They were rightfully proud of their catch and apparently this is an awesome year for pheasants with their numbers way up. (Please notice that a rabbit somehow crossed their path... I had to hack that up and cook it for them. It was awsome. Actually we had a nice dinner with friends Christy and DJ. She and I fried up pheasant and the rabbit, it was really good, only I didn't eat any rabbit.)

Josie and I haven't been doing too much other than staying inside keeping warm. The wind has been crazy this last week and it has been cooooold! To keep us busy we worked on finishing eating all of the Halloween candy Josie raked in. Her great Aunt Louise gave her some candy necklaces when we stopped at their house and she had such a blast eating them! She actually called it "can-eee bace-let" and would bite one sugar bead off at a time, remarking all the while "nummy, good, I like it... etc". The only downfall is that she has recently taken to begging for candy but I have successfully fooled her with a box of raisins, popcorn, and dried mango so far. Next time she begs I'm going to give her some dried apricots. I'm glad that she can't yet tell the difference!

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