Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tough times...

The last few days have convinced me that the terrible twos may have arrived for good. Josie has been such a terror! It seems that most of her behavior is situated around one key action: IGNORING EVERYTHING I SAY!

I feel like a CD with a scratch in it walking around repeating "Pick up your crackers, pick up your crackers". She seems to go to extremes to do the opposite of what I ask her. For example yesterday I asked her "Please come here so that we can put on your pants" following a diaper change. Josie not only did not "come here" she also went to work running from me and removing her fresh diaper at the same time. I've gotten pretty good at counting to ten.

While it sounds terrible, we do have moments that totally redeem her and make me feel like a terrible mother for becoming so frustrated. Last night she snuggled up to me while we read "Goodnight Moon" before bedtime. Luke was working late trying to finish a circle of corn before the wind blew it over so it was just Josie and me. She read the book back to me after I'd finished reading it to her. It was really nice to have a nice, quiet (did I mention nice?) time together before she went to bed. It helps to make the day seem not quite so bad when I look back on it.

I've resorted to time outs because my attempts at corpal punishment are laughed at (I am definitely being paid back, I am aware). Luke really gets results when he just raises his voice, but Josie hears me talking I'm pretty sure she's sick of me. Hopefully they finish corn on Saturday so that her Daddy can spend some time with her. I think that may improve our situation immensely. Until then, I'll just keep on keepin' on...


Max's Mom said...

Shan, I am not looking forward to the days you're having now. Max doesn't listen, but that is just because he doesn't know better yet. I feel the teething pain though, still working on the bottom two.
I know what you mean about feeling like a bad Mom when they frustrate you and then do something to melt your heart.
Keep up the good work.

shan said...

Thanks:) I think you're doing a great job too!