Sunday, November 06, 2005

Halloween Pictures!

Here's the photos from Halloween, we had a blast. Unfortunately Luke was driving a truck so he didn't go with us but Josie and I had fun anyway. Great Aunt's Lois and Loise spoiled her rotten along with Hazen + Andrea and Marc + Gail. Josie actually got stuffed animals while trick or treating which I think really emphasises how spoiled she actually is.

She totally loved her "Monkey Suit" too:) As usual Bunny was attatched to her during the entire night. He's not so purple anymore. Or rather, his white spots are not quite as white as they used to be. They're more of a beige now, and I'm pretty sure no amount of Oxyclean is going to change that :( She has started referring to him as "friend" which is pretty cute:)
I think the photo of Josie and Andrea turned out really well too, except for all that chocolate on Josie's face!

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