Thursday, November 10, 2005


So, today is going better. Josie and I are seeing eye to eye a little better and we have't had any major meltdowns yet (fingers crossed). I think the reason we have been okay is becuase while Josie doesn't want to wear clothes I am not pushing the issue. I am letting her cruise in just a diaper (its warm enough inside). She started out the day with clothes but lost them mid-morning. I'm picking my battles. I just don't see clothes as something important enough to have a fight about today. As long as she's not cold it's cool.

Unless she starts stipping in public. That will be another story. I think the answer to that question would be "hell no"! I am prepared to stand my ground if she ever gets it into her head to take her clothes off while we're out and about.

But, we're doing better today :) She's listening a bit better which is nice, and I'm just not going to worry about every little thing... I think maybe we could attribute it all to teething (she's working on another eye tooth). Unfortunately she's refusing Motrin or pain killer of any kind but, thats another post...

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