Friday, December 12, 2008

Good News!

Hospice came today and checked Marie's vitals. Her lungs are clear!!! Thank you, Jesus!

She has a lot of congestion in her head, we're actually leaning toward sinus infection now, and if she's not better by Monday I'll bring her in to the clinic. She's a little dull in her eyes, but the cold medicine is still working well. She's only coughing when she wakes up, or when she's due for a dose of medicine so that's a blessing. The episodes of coughing still last 20-30 minuets and it's likely that her congestion is so thick that she really can't bring it up as she's not great at coughing. So, until she gets her throat cleared she struggles.

We're still praying that she kicks this cold quickly! Unfortunately, her immune system is down as she's fighting this, so please, if you are sick or have been around anyone sick do not visit the house. We will have to take Marie out a few times in the coming days (Josie's Christmas pageant at church, and the Tree of Lights), and she'll wear a mask to try to lessen her risk of catching anything. If you see us out and about with it on, that's why.

Thank you all for the prayers this last week, and all the kind words! They mean a lot:) I think it's deceiving because when I'm out and about I'm usually very busy and thinking about other things, so I look like I'm doing a lot better than I actually am. Marie's health is a weight on our hearts, and though we put it in God's hands, it's a worry that cannot be shaken. When she's sick I realize just how quickly I could loose her and it terrifies me. It means so much to Luke and I to know what a support base we have. We love reading through the comments (Luke reads them too) and when we're feeling that we're reaching our breaking point it means a lot to know just how many think of us, and pray for us. That said, please don't be afraid to comment and let us know you were here!

Much love-

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RC said...

Love the Tree of Lights, that is going to be such a great experience. I will be thinking of you tomorrow night - I would be there if I could. I hope that the holidays go ok Shan. Love you-

Michaelene said...

=) Blessings are abundant! Thanks for the update, keep that little bear chugging, Mama.
Please take lots of pictures of the event, tonight. These types of Holiday events for hospice are ALWAYS amazing. Love and continued prayers to you all.

The VW's said...

So glad to hear that Marie's lungs have cleared up! What a relief and blessing! I pray that she continues to feel better and that her cold is gone soon! I'll be praying!