Sunday, December 21, 2008

Long week

The last week has flown by! With getting ready for Christmas and keeping up with the girls I'm not entirely sure where the time has gone.

On Monday evening we began treating Marie's cold with antibiotics, she improved and by Wednesday she wasn't coughing anymore and her head congestion had cleared up. Wednesday Josie came home from preschool very hoarse and it was worse on Thursday morning. About lunchtime I noticed Jo was running a slight fever, so I gave her some Tylenol and didn't think much of it. She had failed her hearing screening (again) at preschool the day before so I was actually thinking she possibly had another ear infection.

Friday Marie woke up stuffy again, she and Josie both didn't seem to be feeling entirely wonderful. Saturday Marie seemed to be doing well but after lunch she had a fever of 102. We dosed her with Tylenol and Motrin, she went down for her nap and seemed okay when she woke up. Josie also ran a fever sometimes on Saturday and definitely has a nasty head cold. Last night, Marie just could not go to sleep, it was midnight before I gave up and brought her to bed awake. She fussed and struggled until sometime after one, but at 1:30 I was woken by Luke getting up to give Josie more cold medicine. I checked Marie and she had a fever of 101+ again. We gave Tylenol and Motrin, and ended up giving her another dose of Diazepam to keep her movement disorder under control. She gets really jerky and her body just won't stop moving and it keeps her awake.

She's been okay today, no real appetite (either that or she's being incredibly picky) and she's napping right now. We're praying that fever doesn't come back and that both girls sleep well tonight. It's just the pits having them both sick, really scary for Marie to be running fevers (102 is the highest she's ever had and they just wear her out completely) and to top it off, with temperatures in the teens it's not exactly nice out.

Please pray for Marie to get better, and for Josie to kick her cold quickly. So far Luke and I haven't gotten it, but their sweet cousin Nicole has and she's having a rough time with it too.

Thank you in advance for praying! I'll update soon:)

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The VW's said...

Get better soon Josie and Marie! So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well! Hang in there Momma! Hope you stay healthy! This is definitely not a good time of year to be sick! I'll be praying!

Holly said...

Hope the girls are feeling better and you are getting some rest. :) Cold and flu season stinks! I'll be praying for Marie and Josie, I realize it is much more serious for little Marie. I hope the girls are better before Christmas.