Monday, December 08, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

It's that time again... For full rules and regulations please see here. It's been a crazy week here at our house!

  • I did not nearly loose my temper while trying to take Christmas photos. I did not need Luke to sweep in like prince charming and save the day.
  • This morning, I did not learn that Josie has a for-real crush on a boy. I am in no way freaked out by this new development.
  • I would never buy a new box of candy canes just because I feel like eating them sometimes.
  • I am not frustrated with the fact that the weather has been so up and down that everyone has been wearing two different coats, and my rug by the back door is littered with three pairs of shoes for each person depending on the weather. I mean come on, we have plenty of room for that!
  • I did not get emotional taking summer dresses out of Marie's closet that no longer fit her.
  • No one would ever see me running to the mailbox barefoot in December just because I'm too lazy to put on shoes.
Anyone else have week like that one?

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Anna said...

i certainly dont dislike the random weather changes we get here either! :) what a precious family you have! will be praying for your sweet family and baby girl.

The VW's said...

I am constantly being scolded for not wearing shoes when I go outside! Who needs shoes?!