Monday, December 15, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

"Not Me!" Monday:)

  • I am not exhausted.
  • I would never act live a 3 year old and throw a fit about taking a nap because I have other things I would rather do.
  • I was not cranky like a 3 year old when I did it.
  • I did not read almost and entire trashy novel while I was up with Marie last night. It was not because I 1. did not want to fall asleep on the couch, and 2. was afraid to move without waking her up thus trapped prisoner on above mentioned couch.
  • I did not make Josie and I wear uggy boots to church and change into our dress shoes when we got there. I disliked it very much when my own mother did something like that to me, so there's no way I'd do it to her (even though those uggy boots are wayyyy more comfortable than heels any day).
  • I am not regretting my wish for snow on Friday. Bring it blizzard, bring it.
  • It's not 9 degree's here. Probably colder wind chill because that's what the wind does here. It blows.
  • Seriously, it's 9 degrees! It's a little ridiculous!
  • I do not get this irrational craving to bake just because it's cold outside.
  • I did not confess that I have a trashy novel reading problem on my blog. I don't. If I did though, I'd recommend reading anything by Jennifer Cruise, or Rachel Gibson. :)
Sidenote: The Christmas pagaent was wonderful, Josie was just beautiful! I have pictures, and I'll probably post them sometime this week. I'm going to try to take some pics at Tree of Lights tonight also!

Marie update: we're thinking sinus infection at this point. She's still coughing but it's because you can hear all that junk getting caught in the back of her throat. We're going to try some antibiotics and are praying that she kicks it this week!

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Anonymous said...

Shan, Luke, and girls,

I am so sorry to hear Marie has a bug:( I am also very sorry that I haven't called to check inon you al. The last timewe talked it was about maybe meeting in Denver, well as that time has come and gone, sorry. The girls and I have been busy feeding cows, horses, and of course ourselves. Brendan has a new job that allows him to come home every night,however being the new guy he does have to work every weekend. oh well a good trade from Durango all week. We love and miss you all and maybe when little girls aren't fighting runny noses and coughing we WILL get together I promise!!


The VW's said...

Sorry that you are feeling exhausted! Take care of yourself too! Take a nap like a good girl!

I'm glad to hear that Marie is keeping her lungs clear, but sinus infections aren't fun either!

It's been very cold here as well! So, guess what I've been doing? Baking! It warms the house like nothing else does! Not so good for my figure though...Oh well!

Give your sweet girls a couple of hugs for me!

A Farmer's Wife said...

I hope that Marie is better soon! I'm dying to know...what novel were you reading?