Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dinner party, weekly cold, etc.

Tuesday night Marie's birthday party was wonderful! She loved her macaroni and cheese and the chocolate pudding cake was a big hit! I got some great pics (sharing a few below) and Rie loved opening up presents.

Unfortunately last night at Lenten service I noticed that both girls are a bit snotty. Today confirmed that they have the same cold, Josie's has a fever with it so she stayed home from preschool yet again today. This is getting old. I feel like I log on every week and tell everybody that we have a cold, again. Hopefully this one passes and they get patched up in time to go to the aquarium for Marie's birthday on Saturday. Luke started it this time, he was sick Monday and Tuesday and seems much better now so I'm praying that this is a fast cold!

In other news, Josie asked me last night "Why do man's undies look like shorts?". Already she's starting with the questions that are hard to answer. Just what is the thought behind boxer shorts? I was lost for an explanation and Luke just told her that's how they make them and quickly changed the subject. Obviously neither of us has a clue.

Marie is doing good aside from being all sicky. She talked to me the entire time I folded and put away laundry this morning, it was pretty cute. She had some very important things to say, you could see by the look on her face. I don't think she feels too bad.

Enjoy the pics below!

"Fancy Nancy! We love Fancy Nancy!"

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2awesomekidz said...

Awesome pics! I hope everyone feels well soon! She is getting soo big and is as beautiful as ever!
Take care, I will try calling this weekend!

Anonymous said...

This is cold season, keep in mind that Josie is getting every bug that comes along cause you have never had to take her to daycare, you lucky dog you:) No worries on the colds they too shall pass. WE LOVE YOU!!!

The Western Slopies