Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Landon's Hope

Above you can see all the info about Landon's Hope, a walk my friend Tami has put together in memory of her son Landon who also suffered from Leigh's Disease as Marie does. Landon went to be with Jesus last July. Tami has become a wonderful friend and we consider her and her daughter Paige (Josie's twin) to be family. I am so excited about this walk, this opportunity, all of it, and I've put together a team to honor Marie.

The name of the team is Our Miracle Marie and I'm encouraging you to join the team and walk in honor of Marie and the miracle that she is. We have a goal of raising $500 for the UMDF and I hope that you'll consider helping us to reach it.

I am not sure if all team members will get shirts, or how that will work really, but I encourage you to wear purple for Marie if you join our team and make it to Windsor that day. Maybe we could get a group of us from eastern Colorado together to carpool to the walk and spend the day together? How much fun would that be?!

I'm praying that Marie's health will permit us to be there that day, and we get to remember Landon's life and share in such a special occasion. It's going to be a wonderful birthday party (Landon would have turned 2 on May 30) and I just can't wait.

Please consider joining our team, Our Miracle Marie, and walking in memory of Landon!

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(Blogger friends, please feel free to share this! Even if you're several miles away we can still work together and raise some money for UMDF and even if you don't make it to the walk that day we can all still wear purple in honor of Marie and in memory of Landon *I'm sure he would love that, you know how little boys love girly things like the color purple, wink, wink*!)

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2awesomekidz said...

Shan, my eyes are filled with tears! Thanks so much. Upon registering online to walk, a T-Shirt size will be chosen. I am soo excited as well! We love you guys!