Friday, March 27, 2009

What's really gone on at our house this week?

So, I've been emotional this week. I think that's okay... Luckily it's only part of my day, the time that I vent here. The rest of the time life is happening all around me. In no particular order, this is what's been happening here this week!

  • I decided that I *might* overuse commas, just, a, little, bit.
  • Josie hurt her toenail at church awhile ago. Her right be toenail to be specific. She caught it under a door and it nearly ripped completely off. A new one is starting to grow out, but the old nail was hanging by a thread and she was constantly snagging it, and it hurt, and it would bleed and there would be D.R.A.M.A. So, I decided it was time to clip it off. I tried, and she kicked my hand away, screamed, and cried. I tried again after getting her beloved Bunny for her to hold. No dice. Finally, after 15 plus minuets of negotiations just so I could help her by clipping this dead toenail off I gave in. I admitted that there were Peeps hidden in the basement and if she'd just be good and let me get that nail off she could have one. Feeding your children marshmallows at 9 in the evening right before bedtime= results.
  • I have got to do something about the back of Marie's hair. It's a mess. She's constantly getting these little dreadlocks. I need to get it cut, but it's so pretty I hate to. The plus side is that Marie thinks it's absolutely hilarious when you try to brush her hair and she giggles the whole time.
  • I considered banging my head into the wall this morning after Josie threw up and I discovered she has a fever. Again. I decided against the head banging because I would like to sell this house and a buyer might think the dents are unattractive.
  • I get heartburn every time I drink milk or eat chocolate. It is not fair, I want those things. I keep trying to eat them, keep getting heartburn, and then keep hoping maybe that will change. It is a vicious cycle. I thought about soy milk, but it's just not the same.
  • I am so sick and tired of snow, cold, wind, colds, bugs, and the fact that my buds on the crab apple probably froze off this morning. I'm finished with winter. God, I know you're listening. I would like a different season now.
  • I learned that I cannot go to the beauty shop without buying nail polish. I always have the best intentions, I don't need yet another color. Besides, by now I'm just buying another of a color that I already have it just has a different name on the bottle. I ran in to get my eyebrows done and came out with a hot pink that Josie and I can't wait to put on our nails. I think I have a problem. It's called "Feelin' hot, hot, hot". I was sold.
  • I caved and used the money I have been saving to buy a much-nicer-than-I-actually-need new digital camera to instead buy a glider for the baby's room, and rugs for my new entry and dining room. Luke and his boring practical-ness are getting to me. I have decided I will just start saving again because I want that camera. I am having my third baby and will finally have a chair to nurse in, now I'll have no excuses for sleeping all night in the recliner like I did when Marie was a newborn.
  • Marie ate a 1/2 a peanut butter cookie all by herself yesterday. I just crumbled it to bits and she loved it! Little monster :)
  • Josie wrote on her marker board all by herself "I am mad at Dad". The then changed it to "I am sad at Dad". Now it reads simply "I am happy". I don't really know what he did to tick her off, but apparently they resolved it.
  • As evidenced by my purchase of the glider and rugs, I have not succeeded at giving up online shopping. I think it's okay, this Lent God has tested me in other ways. Jesus keeps being what I come back to as the answer. I'm learning, I'll call that progress, and I think the Lord's okay with that.
  • That said, I've been spending way to much time on Etsy. Dont' look, you'll wind up spending money.

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Shan, this entire entry has me cracking up! Seriously you should try chocolate soy milk, it is yummy too! :)

nat said...

i'm absolutely addicted to etsy too.
my last purchase was exploding frog soap for valentines day gifts for sawy's class :)
look in to those!
they're amazing!

The VW's said...

Sounds like you had a full week, and you did it having to deal with those darn emotions on top of it all! Great job Momma!

Our son, who just turned 6, used to write notes saying: "Dad is bad. Mom is good. Gavin is cute." Kids are so funny! It doesn't take much to get them upset, but then they forgive you just as quickly! So cute! HUGS!!!

Patyrish said...

I had INCREDIBLE reflux when I was pregnant with Makily. WATER gave me reflux. UGH. I feel for you.

Makily used to have that dread lock problem on the back of her head too. Drove me nuts. In the mornings, it's a nightmare still though. She unfortunately does not like having her hair brushed though. ack.